Conservation Framing

Preserve and Protect Your Precious Memorabilia


At The Starving Artist, we have framed everything from vintage manuscripts to sentimental family heirlooms that were passed down from generation to generation. To preserve and protect your most precious objects, whether they are ordinary or incredibly unique, be sure to call on us. We carefully handle every item, framing it so that its beauty is preserved for decades to come. When preforming proper archival conservation framing, there are several questions to ask about the steps and materials.


To conserve your items, you have to consider including:


  • Will the glass used in the frame protect against UV rays?

  • Is the matting acid free?

  • What is used to adhere the artwork and is it safe?

  • What is the best backing for the art?


Preserve your most precious pieces with our custom conservation framing services!



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