Posters are often looked down on as being somewhat inferior to other types of prints. Granted, some are printed on flimsy paper, using cheap ink, but many posters are equal in caliber to fine art prints. Rather than framing a poster in an inexpensive "poster" frame, try mats or stacked mouldings like you would use for other types of art. Suddenly your poster looks more like a work of art.

Tip: Posters, like other art, should not come in direct contact with the glass. Since posters are often framed without mats, be sure to ask for spacers to keep the glass from touching the front of your poster when it is framed.
As stated above--"not all posters are created equal" -- A few years ago we had a customer bring in a poster he had purchased in New Orlines at the "Mardi Gras" from a vendor selling posters of the floats. This was the first year this float had been in the parade.  Cutting to the chase--He came home a put tacks in it to display--Two year later he was back in the "French Quarters" looking in a art gallery and saw his $20.00 poster was now selling for $250.00. Thinking he had a real gem with his purchase he wanted to frame it for sale .
 He came into our gallery to get it framed and sold by us on consignment.
I had to explain that his poster could not be sold a "Mint" condition because of the method he used to display it on his wall.
I told him that if the poster was from an addition of say 1000, 500 were not framed, 400 went in simple frames without print protection, 50 had basic conservation framing but not mounting correctly.---50 were not framed but stored to maintain value until given full conservation framing. In short those 50 have the value of the 1000 printed.


What has limited value today might have great value in the future---

     "Conservation doesn't cost money, it can save you money"


When you consider the cost of the education, a diploma is the most expensive piece of paper most people will ever own. It should be properly protected and presented by using good quality framing. Since a diploma may be used in an office for an entire career, choose classic designs that will endure.
Tip: Use neutral mats so they will fit in no matter where your diploma will hang in the years to come.



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