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Posters are often looked down on as being somewhat inferior to other types of prints. Granted, some are printed on flimsy paper, using cheap ink, but many posters are equal in caliber to fine art prints. Rather than framing a poster in an inexpensive "poster" frame, try mats or stacked mouldings like you would use for other types of art. Suddenly your poster looks more like a work of art.
Tip: Posters, like other art, should not come in direct contact with the glass.Since posters are often framed without mats, be sure to ask for spacers to keep the glass from touching the front of your poster when it is framed.



        "Conservation doesn't cost money----- it can save you money"

When you consider the cost of the education, a diploma is the most expensive piece of paper most people will ever own. It should be properly protected and presented by using good quality framing. Since a diploma may be used in an office for an entire career, choose classic designs that will endure.
Tip: Use neutral mats so they will fit in no matter where your diploma will hang in the years to come.

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