Arrange your artwork groups

Start by placing your artwork on a flat area --like the floor to view all items together.




A) Next arrange them in groups that you think you will display together. Move them around to see how they might look together.




B) Now you are ready to hang, but first you might want to place cut-outs on the wall. This is where we might be able to help. Bring us the sizes and we will give you Kraft Paper to cut the shapes out. After you have these display sheets you can tape (like blue painter's tape) drawings on the wall. Tip: Mark where hangers are going to be installed on the wall.






There are some basic guidelines people use.


1) hang so people don't have too move their heads to view. Artwork is best viewed at eye level. Depending on the area your displaying this can be at different levels (standing, seating etc)




2) artwork is best hung from two points ( 1/4 of the way fron the edge of the frame) or with special hangers that support the weight evenly.




3) now your ready to pick up the hanger and install on the wall.






This is only a basic guide. If you want more ideas look at the other items -Display Ideas





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