Arrangement Ideas

Hanging your Artwork

Tips and Ideas to show your Artwork

                       Displaying Artwork --(layout)

                       Art Ideas (select what to hang)

                       Hang what? (your artwork)


Arranging art is itself an art, and many a homeowner freezes at the prospect of hanging even one picture. When hanging multiple pictures and composing gallery-style arrangements, often trial and error results in walls resembling Swiss Cheesa.


A few simple principles and strategies can make the process of displaying art less intimidating and more rewarding.



                              (Display Ideas)

As with other accessories, apply the basic design knowledge you've acquired to arrange art, whether it's one painting over a sofa or a group of photos on a focal-point wall.


(First what area of the home are you working? Is this a public area open to all guests or is it a family only area? Public areas are like your livingroom where you welcome friends and the bedrooms are more a family only areas. The other rooms can be both—bathroom in the hallway might be called public and next to the bedroom might be more privite, dinning room and kitchen would fall in this mixed areas.)


See where I'm going here-- You need to set some basic plans before you start to hang artwork





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