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Valiani Cutter Story

The Story is that if you can draw it, or have a drawing that can be imported into Coral Draw we can cut, deboss or draw it with our pen tool directly on your matboard.


Do you have some photos or artwork that could use a little dressing up? Maybe some framed pieces that need updating?

                         We at The Starving Artist can help.

          We can create matting, with designs that are as simple or intricate as you choose.

We specialize in the design and cutting of custom mats. Our new Valiani  computerized mat cutter there are infinite design possibilities allowing us to cut designs into the matboard as well as do debossing and drawing on the matboard. Of our creative designs. If you aren't sure what you are looking for or where to begin, ask to see our sample book and wall samples just ask to see our creative designs. For example maybe you want a football-shaped mat cutout to draw attention to an autographed photo of a favorite player or jersey. You can also highlight a wedding photo by adding a cutout design of joined rings.


By using our design Library we can choose from over one hundred designs and "v-groove" combinations. This will allow us to help you choose the right cut-art design or we can create a custom design just for your artwork with our Corel Draw program. This will give you a one-of-a-kind look.


By using one of these templates we can design the perfect signature mat for that wedding photo, anniversary parties, retirement celebration, family reunions, corporate events, bridal & baby showers, bat Mitzi & birthdays or any other special occasion.


Signature mats are not just for weddings anymore. They are for any occasion you wish to remember with the people who attended leaving their signature on your matted framed picture.


Cut Art Mats are created from a combination of mat window designs and adding Cut Art shapes that allow you to add the right design on your mat. It could be a group of stars to your child's picture or a design depicting the subjects in the picture With styles from Art Nouveau to Modern, we will help you design the perfect framing.

We can create that special "letter mat" to help spark your creative imagination with your photos memorabilia that will make a very unique gift for you or a friend. Choose the names or grouping of letters, add a graphic design if you want a framed picture that is sure to please everyone on your list. The matboard design can be outline of the state the pictures were taken or design that depicts the locations and by adding you pictures inside the openings will tell the store of that experience. We will help you design your special matted picture frame. We have designed letter mats with Family names, Grand kids, Grandma or Grandpa, Friends, I Love Mommy or Daddy, Team Names, Our Day, Vacation, Family, Coach, Teacher as the cutout design in the mat. We can also add printed information on the mat to help tell the story.


All we need is for you to tell us what you want and bring in the images.


Photo Letter Name Mats are the ideal gift for any occasion.

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