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How to Frame a Sports Jersey

Framing a sports jersey requires a different type of frame then used on a photo or painting – - it requires a display case that will help you tell the story behind the jersey. First start with all the pictures, notes and object that support the jersey. We at The Starving Artist know how to help you. Starting with the jersey you should decide what areas of the jersey you wish to show and are there any supporting items to include in the display. With that in mind, lets get started.

Some people think framing jerseys is a difficult and daunting task, but at The Starving Artist it is all in a days work. We will start by displaying the jersey on a support board and show the areas that tell a story. Then we will include the other items (if there are any to be displayed) that will be included. At this point we will help you decide if a mat is needed and will it be shaped to fit the contour of the jersey layout. Being the added color of the mat will enhance the story being told about the jersey. Being we have selections that match the colors of most major teams and colleges, we will be able to show you fabric and paper mats.

How Should I Display the Jersey?

Once you’ve decided on the frame or shadow box, it’s time to figure out how you want to display the jersey. Lay the jersey on either the mat board (shadow box) or foam backing board (standard frame), and fold the jersey, making sure the number, player name, and sleeve patch logos are visible. Some collectors will use a foam insert, which makes the jersey look more filled out. If you choose to use a foam insert, make sure it’s cut in a rectangular shape that fits snugly in the torso of the jersey, leaving room to fold the arms.

After making sure the jersey looks exactly how you want it to be displayed, pin the fabric in the desired position. Next, iron on the folds you made on the jersey to make sure it stays in place.


What Jersey Frame Size Do I Need?

Now that you have decided on the items to be included with jersey, its time to step back and look at the size of your selection and the type of glazing to be used. Your chose will be either glass or acrylic. Glass will be heaver but cost less money and less likely to be scratched when handled, while acrylic is more money it is also much lighter. Being the size of this framed item is much larger than a standard size picture frame the weight can be very important when you hang the frame.


Securing the Jersey in the Frame

After we have folded the jersey and pined in place, we will either sew (or use conservation acrylic pins) to hold it to the backing board. We use these methods because the meet conservation standards by protecting the jersey from damage and will not rust over time.

We take a needle and thread (acrylic pin) and stitch the jersey to the backing board below the neckline, at the start of each sleeve, and on the bottom hem of the jersey. Make sure the stitching goes through the back of the jersey, so you can’t see the stitched lines when it’s finished. I

Final Steps

With a shadow box, we simply close the box securely, so you can simply hang it on your wall.

Your now ready for many years of enjoyment.




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